Donate to the OneCity Trust

Donate via VirginMoneyGivingA donation to the OneCity Trust is a great way to ‘give to the city’ where so many people love to live, visit, work and invest.  By supporting our work to promote and achieve social inclusion, you will be making a real and lasting difference to its citizens.

Building a Permanent Endowment

OneCity Trust was founded on the aim to build a permanent, invested endowment which will provide grantmaking income every year forever.  The more we have in that endowment, the more we can do this year and every year. We would really welcome your donation to the endowment, small or large, if you like the idea of making a contribution which will keep working in your name year after year.  Please mention the Endowment in your donation message.

Funding Social Inclusion Now

Every year our endowment income is supplemented by donations from people who want to tackle social exclusion now – this year or next.  Your donation will be added to the current year’s grantmaking fund if you mention Now in your donation message.

Lord Provost’s Rapid Action Fund

Each year the Trust allocates a proportion of its grantmaking to support a unique fund operated by the Lord Provost.  This Rapid Action Fund gives small donations to projects and organisations which need a grant urgently to achieve their aims.  You can donate directly to the Lord Provost’s Rapid Action Fund by mentioning LPRAF in your donation message.

Donate using Virgin Money GivingYou can help tackle social exclusion across Edinburgh by making a donation now!